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Jewellery Care

How to Increase the life of your Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry can always take your style up a notch and make you seem like you’re creating your own runway, wherever you go. Of course, fashion Jewelry is not forever, but you can always ensure that you increase the longevity of your Jewelry and by following simple methods.

Here are some quick tips on how to effectively store your jewelry:

  1. Always take off your jewelry before going off to sleep. Fashion Jewelry is delicate and may break or get damaged. if you have forgotten to remove it before you hit the sack.
  2. It is essential that you store Jewellery in a dry place. Exposure to humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures are sure to reduce the life of your Jewelry.
  3. Don´t forget to remove your Jewellery when washing up or showering. Soaps, solvents, toothpaste & liquid cleaners can react with your Jewelry creating a dull appearance.
  4. After every use clean your Jewellery with a dry cloth. Store in its own box or pouch to prevent scratching, chipping and entanglement.
  5. If you wear your electro-plated Jewellery for significant periods of time, the plating will eventually wear down. To restore its appearance you can have it re-plated.
  6. Make sure your Jewellery is not in regular contact with hard surfaces, which will scratch or wear down the plating or enamelling. Jewellery should be worn sparingly to avoid damage through impact.
  7. When dressing Jewellery should always be put on last as make-up, cosmetics and perfumes can cause damage to delicate items.
  8. All stone Jewellery requires extra care and consideration during wearing to protect the setting as well as to safeguard the diamond or gemstone it holds.
  9. Runway Ritual Jewellery is completely hand-crafted in our factory. A product meeting global standards and is completely safe for your skin. All Earring post are Hypo Allergic and the product free of harmful materials like Nickel, Lead & Cadmium.


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